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How you can help

Here you can find a range of suggestions on how you can use our resources, share our message and support our work. In addition to the below, we will also provide you with new action items on how to help us in the Friends of NRC newsletter. 


Re-share our content on social media

Re-share our posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Please refer to the home page for our social media handles. Remember to use #FriendsofNRC


Create a post about us on social media

Go to our resources page and download photos or graphics to create your own posts about NRC and the global displacement situation. Remember to use #FriendsofNRC


Check out our pro bono opportunities

Check out the pro bono page where we announce 

opportunities to help us by providing expertise or products.


Display our posters in your office

To create awareness about our cause, you can download graphics from the poster page, send these to print and display the posters in your office or at an event. 


Virtual Reality (VR)

Access our VR content and find out how you can use this at an event or exhibition; bring it to the office and ask your colleagues to give it a try; or explore it in your own home.  


Attend a webinar or co-host a webinar

Sign up to attend a webinar or contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting a joint webinar. 


Share your Friends of NRC moment

We would love to see your Friends of NRC moment! Take a photo or video and share it with the community!


Try out our Zoom backgrounds

Download our Friends of NRC Zoom backgrounds from here and use it for your next meeting. 

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