Virtual Reality (VR)

In our VR (Virtual Reality) section you can find links to our immersive material filmed with a 360 degree camera. 

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how our VR content can be used in your business or if you are interested in setting up your own event. 

Below you will have the chance to watch a few examples of different experiences from the field from the past years. 

The complete VR content will soon become available in the Oculus store alongside a description of how to use the relevant VR equipment. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates related to our VR content

VR Content:

UGANDA (February 2020)

Nyumanzi Settlement in Adjumani District

A story about a strong and powerful 20-year-old South-Sudanese refugee girl with a dream, but also with many obligations and responsibilities.

VR Content:

NIGERIA (July 2019)

Dikwa and Maiduguri in the Borno Region

The threat and killing from Armed Opposition Groups in the area and major lack of funding has torn these innocents peoples lives apart. That has led to an overcrowding situation that is beyond our understanding.


The city of Dikwa now holds more than 125.000 people and almost half of them are IDPs, arriving in the last 4 years. Three neighboring states in northeast Nigeria holds almost 2 million IDPs.This 360 degree experience brings you to a region where people live in inhumane conditions.  

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