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Read our reports and articles about the global displacement situation including the most neglected crises, internal displacement, the impact of Covid-19 on refugees and more below. 

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Global Displacement Figures 2020

Date published: 18 June 2020

The fate of nearly 80 million people fleeing from war, conflict and persecution should concern us all, but the help they receive is far from sufficient to meet their needs. In addition, an invisible enemy has emerged: Covid-19.


The world’s most neglected  displacement crises in 2019

Date published: 10 June 2020

Each year, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) publishes the list of the ten most neglected displacement crises in the world, to shine a spotlight on these forgotten emergencies.

This is the list for 2019.


A snapshot of our Covid-19 response

Date published: 3 May 2020

NRC is working to prevent the spread of coronavirus to areas with vulnerable refugees – at the same time as we continue to provide life-saving help. This is a snapshot of our Covid-19 response.


IDMC's Global Report on Internal Displacement 2020

Date published: 28 April 2020

Every second last year, one person was forced to flee their home inside their own country. By the end of 2019, a record-high 50.8 million people were internally displaced by conflict, violence and disasters.


10 ways coronavirus threatens the most vulnerable

Date published: 27 April 2020

It is no easy task to follow the infection prevention guidelines when you live in a densely populated area and lack the soap and water needed for good hand hygiene. 


10 facts: Threats facing women forced to flee

Date published: 30 September 2019

Being forced to flee is one of the worst things a person can experience. But it makes life even harder and more dangerous if you’re a woman. What you should know about the threats facing women who have been forced to flee.

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