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Photo essays

Our photo essays, graphics and videos are available to be viewed, downloaded and shared by the Friends of NRC community. 

Each photo essay represents a specific topic and consists of a selection of 6–12 photos alongside an information sheet which provides context for the photos. New photo essays will be made available every few months. 

You can download the photos individually or as a zipped folder. Most of the photos are high resolution and can be used for printing on banners, posters or similar. The photos can also be used for social media, newsletters or other digital channels. 

In addition to the information sheet, each photo has a caption and photo credit. The photo credit should always be included when using a photo. Please do not crop or edit the photos in any way.  

By downloading and using these items, you agree to follow the instructions above. 

Photo essay: NRC's programme activities

Please contact us if you have feedback on which topics you would like us to do a photo essay on next.

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